Sunday, 15 January 2012

Film and TV

Helloooo Everyone
Went to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo with Husband last night. I have read all 3 books, but not seen the original film, made a couple of years ago. I have to say that the books were a bit heavy going at times, too much background info about EVERYONE but the bits that concerned Lisbeth Salander were gripping. I was looking forward to the film, knowing that all those bits would be gone, just leaving the good bits. And what good bits! The casting is excellent, all the big names gave powerful performances, most especially Rooney Mara. She inhabited the character completely, she is exactly as I imagined Lisbeth in my head and her performance was amazing.
Daniel Craig was great too :-) (though Daniel Craig could stand in an empty room for 2hrs 50mins and I would still watch).
One of the most exciting bits was the beginning titles. I was blown away by them, they expertly set up the tone of the film and introduced the main characters. David Fincher seems to have really got under the skin of the books as the tone and feel were spot on.
As people who know us will know, Husband rarely stays awake through the whole film, but he did last night, and really enjoyed it.
I have just watched the last in the present series of Sherlock. What an ending! The whole Moriarty arc was bought to a close, and we were left with a grieving Watson and a glimps of Sherlock right at the end (OF COURSE HE ISN'T DEAD!) I must say that the writing has been incredible. They have imaculately interwoven the old with the new and everyone comported themselves with aplomb!
I loved the bit with the deerstalker hat, so funny.
Just before I go, I have to tell you that I watched Conan The Barbarian yesterday afternoon..................and really cannot find the words to describe it!.......*gigglesnort*

Sunday, 8 January 2012

TV and films

Saw  'Bridesmaids' over the Christmas period with Daughter. So so funny. It has many many cringeworthy moments but it was so hilarious. The scene set in the bridal shop was one of the funniest I have ever seen. Kristen Wigg is the main character but it essentially an ensemble piece, all of the other characters are essential to the story. My very favourite person was Megan played by the wonderful Melissa McCarthy. Watch it, its not just a chck flick.
BBC continue to deliver with the second series of Sherlock. I love it. Words cannot describe how much I love it. Writing, acting, directing, it is all much too good. I only hope they are not going to stop making it after this, as the last episode of the current 3 contains the seminal scene at Rickenbach Falls where Moriarty seemingly defeats Holmes. I am worried that they will see this as a good place to finish it off. I am praying they do not. I know that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman both have other projects but please let them do another series.....I mean it's only 3 episodes a year for crying out loud!
Speak to ya soon :-)

Monday, 12 December 2011

Films and shit

Hello to the very few people that read this. To start, after a very long absence I apologise. Life got in the way, work is a bitch, I was busy, yadda yadda yadda. Anywho I hereby pledge to blog at least once a month from now on. I wouldn't blame you if you have got bored and pissed off to do much more interesting things, but for now let me keep the dream of many many people hanging on my every word. So let us begin ;-)
Just watched 'Larry Crowne'. I didnt see this at the cinema and was put off watching it by listening to 'film critics' who gave it a pasting (silly me). It was FUN. It was well written and gentle and had some laugh out loud moments. I believed in the characters and wanted them to have a happy ending (which they do). Tom Hanks plays the title character, a ex navy cook who has got a divorce and has been landed with a huge house to pay off and gets laid off from the job he loves at a local hardware store. The reason given is that he does not have a college education, therefore cannot progress in his job, therefore has to be let go. The scene where they tell him this is painful to watch as in only the first few moments the director has set Larry up as a 'good guy'.
After a fruitless search for a new job (unspoken commentary on the financial problems of every country at the present time) he at last decides to go to college and get the education that will give him the edge. He enrolls in a Economics class (George Takei in a wonderful cameo as the teacher) and a public speaking class run by Julia Roberts.. It is this class that he meets the people who will change his life for the better.
It is well writen, the characters are beautifully realised and it is a very nice way to pass a couple of hours. I heatily reccomend it.
Also watched ,The Beaver'.....ok ok I was put off by the tile and the fact that Mel Gibson had a mental breakdown, during, after, before...not sure when, but anyhow it was not on the top of my list to watch.
It's amazing! Mel Gibson plays the main character, having a nervous breakdown, who, in an attempt to cope, picks up an abandoned beaver hand puppet and speaks through it. This confuses his wife (Jodie Foster) who is struggling to understand and keep the family together. He leaves the family home and starts out on a new life, with the beaver as his spokesperson. His financial and work life get better, but his personal life is just too much for him to cope with without the interface of the hand puppet.
The denoument is very cleverly set up, and has an awful sense of inevitability. If you want to see a master class in completely losing it then watch this film. It may be the best thing Mel has done. It is a small window into the mind of one person suffering from depression. It sounds depressing to watch, but I very much reccommend it.
I will post again soon, so in the words of Elmer Fudd.....'Th th thats All Folks!'

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Films I have seen recently.

Ok....sorry for being away so long but work has been a bitch.
Watched Tangled on TV. It was fun, the animation was fantastic and the heroine and hero were very likable. Best bit however belonged to the main villain of the piece. Mother Gothel was voiced by Donna Murphy and she was delicious! All the things that you swear you wont do to your children, all the emotional blackmail, all the snide comments, she launches into with utter abandon. She is an amazing character. The final scene where Rapunzel is re united with her parents had me in tears. Very good film for kids and adults.

Then my copy of 127 HOURS dropped onto the mat. I have read the book so was looking forward to the film. Danny Boyle has done a great job of bringing the book to the screen and James Franco  is wonderful at holding the interest of basically him on the screen on his own for most of the film. The part concerning him breaking his arm and cutting it off was very well dealt with and quite gruesome to watch. I think that the film would have benefited from some back story of his friends and family searching for him, but on the whole good film.
PAUL came out on dvd. A fantastic film that showcases the talents of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.
Seth Grogan is amazing as Paul, so world weary and smart, his theological argument with Ruth Buggs (Kristen Wiig) whilst on the can (to use an Americanism) was absolutely wonderful and very very funny. Lots and lots of sci fi references to keep the geeks happy (me included!) Great film that deserves 4 out of 5 stars.

Next up and coming is Harry Potter, which we are going to see in full fancy dress. Daughter is going as Tonks and I am goin as Madam Rosmerta. Will keep you posted:-)

Thursday, 2 June 2011

X Men First Class gets top marks from the teacher!

Last night I saw the new X Men film with Daughter and Daughters Boyfriend. It was AMAZING!
This film shows the origins of the X Men, how Proff X came to create the XMen and how the enmity between him and Magneto came about. Spoiler alert!
The first half of the film was fantastic, the back story of how Eric Lensherr came to his powers was extremely well written and quite heart rending.  The scenes in the concentration camp were well staged. Kevin Bacon was ruthless as the German scientist who wanted Eric's mutant powers for his own dark deeds. The back story of Charles Xavier and Mystique was also very well done. The story arc of Eric looking for and killing the Germans responsible for his torture in the concentration camp would not have been out of place in a James Bond novel (the books, NOT the films) and Michael Fassbender bought a lot of gravitas to the role. James McAvoy bought a lightness to  the role of Proff X that was a welcome ray of light in an otherwise dark beginning.
The CIA role in getting the mutants together was a bit flimsy but it moved the movie along. We got to see a young Hank McCoy (Beast) played beautifully by Nicholas Hoult and a young Mystique played by Jennifer Lawrence. A younger looking Kevin Bacon was then introduced (which was a bit confusing) as the same character he played in the beginning, wearing a lounge suit and inhabiting a space that looked straight off the set of The Spy Who Shagged Me. The searching for and recruiting the mutants was fun (a laugh out loud cameo from Hugh Jackman and a tantalising glimpse of a young Storm) and the lesser known X Men came to light.
The denouement however felt rushed. The writers seemed to realise that in the last 20 minutes that they had to
get Magneto and Charles to become enemies, get Mystique onto the dark side, get the school for mutants up and running and get Charles into a wheelchair. All this happened at a speed which left you breathless and feeling that they could very well have stretched it to 2 films without losing any impetus.
Also, after spending most of the film looking mighty fine and arguably the best dressed person on screen it was a little ridiculous when Magneto turned up in the last scene dressed in his cape and helmet;-/
If you are an X Men geek (myself and Daughters Boyfriend fall into this category) the messing with time lines and peoples ages will send you up the wall, however it is MUST SEE for all X Men fans.
Definitely 4 out of 5 stars.
PS.....the adverts for films out this summer seems to suggest that I will not be getting any sun at all, too many good films coming out, which is good news for this blog :-)

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Arrrrrrg Mateys!!!

So, last night went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4.....On Stranger Tides with Husband and Daughter. It was a jolly good frolic through London and then back to the Islands we all know so well now. It did suffer from not having the crew from the other 3 films we have come to know and love (except for Gibbs and Barbosa) but the new mateys were quite good. It was obviously a vehicle for all things Cap'n Jack, and though the plot line was a tad flimsy, it was still a good 2 hours worth of entertainment.
Ian McShane was wonderful as Blackbeard, and there is a very funny cameo from Dame Judi Dench in the London episode. Johnny Depp was, as always, wonderful and it was nice to see Keith Richards in his pirate get up again. Then we come to Penelope Cruz. She was obviously picked because she looked the part, however her acting left something to be desired. She did not bring an awful lot to the film, and there was far too much talking about the relationship between her and Jack from before. I had an awful time reconciling her character with her actions and a lot of her angsting about her supposed deflowering by Jack didn't come across as believable.
The special effects with the mermaids were excellent and the fountain of youth was very well designed. I just didn't have the emotional tie that I had with the other characters in the previous films......ok, I admit I just missed Orlando Bloom ;-/
Anyway, it's a great film to take the kids to see.
Tomorrow night I am off to see X Men First Class with Daughter and Daughters Boyfriend. It looks good, lots of eye candy for moi even though it doesn't have Captain Slaphead and Gandalf.....(I love Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen) and should be good fun.
 And it has KEVIN BACON!!!.....*bows down*

Thursday, 19 May 2011


So, went to see Insidious with Daughter last night. Scariest. Film. Ever. No doubt about it, it had me shaking in ma boots! Daughter was scared silly too and disappeared into her hoody further and further as the film went on. At one point I had to let go of her hand as I didn't want to be responsible for breaking any bones!
The plotline is basically Poltergeist, new house, nice family (two young boys and one baby girl) strange goings on ect. One of the boys (Dalton) complains to Mum that he doesn't like his new room, that he is scared. She tells him that it just because it is new. He goes exploring one night and sees something scary in the attic. The next day he doesn't wake up. Doctors tell Mum and Dad that he is in some sort of coma that they cannot explain. Cut to 3 months later, Dalton is still comatose but is now being cared for at home.
Then the fun begins. Really scary things start to happen and the family decide to move as the Mum believes the house is haunted, however the scary stuff just gets worse. It's not the house that is haunted, but the boy himself.
It turns out that the boy is 'Astral projecting' and has become stuck in 'The Further'. How do we find this out? Turns out that Dad's Mum went through the same thing with Dad when he was small. Wanting to help she calls in an old friend who helped back then. Cue psychic lady and two investigators who come into the house with all their instruments. Dalton is being held captive by a demon in The Further, so the demon can take over his body. But it is not just the demon that wants Dalton's body, it is lots more ghosts, all of them hanging round the boy waiting for their chance.
Psychic lady explains about the astral projecting, goes into the boys room, sees the demon and describes him to her assistant who draws him. Dad  is then told he has to go into The Further to save his sons soul and bring him back to his body.
The scares are amazingly staged. The director James Wan (Saw) seems to have taken on board every scary film and Internet scare from the last ten years, thought about them, sifted through them and then used the most terrifying in the film. His direct cuts to scary bits had us all on the edge from about a quarter of the way through the film. The demon is very well designed, as are the other ghosts and the scares that their appearances cause is heart thumping. The audience, which had been quite rowdy at the start, soon settled down after the first few scares when it became apparent that this was not 'just another scary movie'. People actually screamed (Daughter and I included!) and everyone was deathly silent as we all waited for the next scary bit to come along. By the end of the film, palms were sweaty, hearts were racing and everyone had had enough.
I would recommend this to anyone who likes scary movies, it is well written, very well acted and very atmospheric. The rating is PG13, there is no gore involved, just lots and lots of scary bits! (such scary bits that I waited till the cold light of day to write this) and yes, I did have a disturbed night ;-/